Cooperation opportunities

Tutorials and training courses (from half-day to 2-4 days):

  • Ergonomics and usability of IT products: software, websites, on-line services, mobile apps
  • Design and evaluation of user interfaces
  • Prototyping of user interfaces
  • Creative design in developing on-line services

Former courses: Summer School of Software Ergonomics, Usability Course for Postdata SA,  Usability workshops and tutorials at various conferences

 Usability and User Experience consulting:

  • Usability evaluation and testing of interactive products
    • user-based testing of interactive products (software, websites, on-line services, mobile apps)
    • usability expert evaluation of interactive products
    • prototyping of user interfaces and on-line services
  • Improving usability and User Experience of interactive product
  • Research projects on usability and User Experience

Former customers: Wirtualna Polska, Freeconet, Aiton Caldwell, GE Money Bank, Bank BPH, Meritum Bank

Open invitations for:

  • Universities: partnership in project proposals related to Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive ergonomics, human factors in e-business and digital services
  • Industry: cooperation with IT companies – research projects, case studies, User Experience consulting, revitalizing company intranets
  • PhD candidates: supervision of PhD projects and theses relevant to:
    • novel forms of user-system interaction in digital services
    • measuring and assesment of social impact of digital services
Updated: 9 July 2018